Ion Exchange Chromatography

Applexion® ion exchange technologies for large scale bio-industrial applications

Ion exchange is a very versatile solution to overcoming several purification challenges within the food, fermentation and bio-based chemical industries. Recognized as a world leader in the field, Novasep offers unique expertise in designing ion exchange and adsorption systems, and in selecting the right resin to reach the best performance.


  • Demineralization and softening
  • Salt conversion
  • De-colorization
  • De-acidification
  • Hydrolysis and enzymatic conversion
  • Recovery of antibiotics, plant extracts or proteins

Applexion® continuous ion exchange systems

Applexion® continuous ion exchange process offers the industry a truly continuous ion exchange system. Depending on the process, the number of cells can be adapted to optimize resin utilization and minimize system size while balancing overall capital investment and operating costs.

The main advantages of the Applexion® continuous ion exchange system are:

  • A continuous flow of feed, water and effluents, easier to control and monitor
  • Savings on the equipment due to its reduced size and footprint
  • Savings on the resin required
  • Savings on regenerating solutions and water consumption
  • A better flexibility thanks to online maintenance
  • Fewer mechanical constraints compared to systems based on rotating columns

This technology can be combined with our outstanding expertise in selecting the most appropriate and best performing resin types available on the market, to determine the most cost-effective solutions.

Applexion® XA resins for adsorption and ion exchange

Our expertise in designing ion exchange and adsorption processes, combined with laboratory and pilot plant evaluation, allows us to provide best-in-class resins specifically adapted to your application.

You can be provided with:

  • Strong acid cationic resins
  • Weak acid cationic resins
  • Strong base anionic resins
  • Weak base anionic resins
  • Polymeric adsorption media and activated carbon

Each Applexion® XA resin is selected according to a strict benchmark and extensive analysis of its behavior under industrial conditions. Each Applexion® XA resin has an extended lifetime, compatible with intensive industrial activities.