Sequential Multicolumn Continuous Chromatography


For decades, Novasep has worked on continuous Chromatography Process Development and has built the largest FDA-audited continuous chromatography platform at commercial scale. To adapt to the current bio pharma challenges, Novasep is committed to delivering expertise in Sequential Multicolumn Liquid Chromatography know-how by developing the state-of-the-art BioSC® Sequential Chromatography platform.


  • MAbs
  • Insulin
  • Blood fractionation
  • Recombinant proteins
  • Vaccines and viral vectors


  • Adaptability: operations from 1 up to 6 columns in batch, parallel batch, continuous chromatography or continuous process
  • Easy switch from batch to continuous, optimizing process parameters with BioSC® Predict software

BioSC® Predict is the unique simulation and optimization software for the development of continuous chromatography processes dedicated for the purification of bio pharmaceuticals.

It is a process development accelerator enabling any scientist to start developing continuous chromatography processes even without prior knowledge. With a few clicks, the user can switch from batch chromatography to an optimized Sequential Multicolumn Liquid Chromatography ready to be tested on the BioSC® Lab equipment.

  • Reduction of media and buffer consumption by up to 75%
  • Increased productivity by 2 to 6-fold
Batch Chromatography Continuous Chromatography
Single Column Multiple Column in series
Each portion of the resin is working for
a very short period of time
Media is used at its maximum capacity
Target molecule is not lost
Load more & faster
Lab Pilot Industrial
Number of Columns 1 to 6
Productivity Range (kg/day) < 0.01 0.1 Upon request
Typical Column Diameter (mm) 5 to 16 25 to 150
Flow Rates Range (mL/min) 1-30 35-1500
Standard Max Operating Pressure (bar) 6 6
Dimensions WxHxD (cm) 69x90x63 200x200x100
Weight (kg) 120 500