Post Ultra Filtration System

Type: Cross Flow/ Dead End Filtration System

Purpose: Removal of Endotoxin, TOC, Microbial impurity from Feed water to the system.

Process Description

UF is a pressure-driven membrane separation process that helps removes particulate matter from aqueous solutions such as water. UF membranes typically have pore sizes in the range of 0.01 to 0.10 μm and efficiently remove bacteria and most viruses, colloids and silt. The smaller the nominal pore size, the higher the removal efficiency.

Technologies used to control Micro-organisms
Microporous Filter Ultra Filter Reverse Osmosis Ultraviolet Light
ir-raim √√√ √√√ √√ √√√
Endotoxins √√√ √√
√√√Excellent removal
√√Good removal
√Partial removal

Working Principle

Ultra filtration (UF) is a cross-flow process similar to reverse osmosis. The membrane rejects particulates, organics, microbes, Pyrogen and other contaminants that are too large to pass through the membrane. UF has a stream to waste (concentrate) that can be recirculated. In polishing applications, this is generally 5-10% of the feed flow. Membranes are available in both polymeric and ceramic materials. The former is available in spiral wound and hollow fiber configurations and the ceramic membranes are available in single and multiple channel configurations. Ultra filtration is frequently used downstream of ion exchange deionizer processes for microbial and endotoxin reduction. The rating of UF membranes varies in molecular weight cut-offs from 1 000 to 100 000 and UF has reduction of endotoxin (Pyrogen) from 2 log 10 to 4 log10. UF is capable of consistent production of water meeting the USP WFI endotoxin limit of 0.25 Eu/ml. UF membranes can be sanitized with a variety of chemical agents such as sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid and with hot water and / or steam.

Standard Specification

  • Designed for Industrial uses
  • Hot water & Chemical Sanitizable
  • Custom sizes and configurations
  • Low footprint with optimal accessibility
  • Fully automated system
  • Constructed in Durable SS skid, SS-316/L pipe valve & fittings
  • Accessories include sampling valves etc.