Chromatography Systems

Chromatography Systems in Bengaluru | India

Nilsan Nishotech has a solid reputation for providing the best in class chromatography systems in India for pharmaceutical, chemical, biopharmaceutical, and dairy industries.

Our impeccable chromatography systems allow process industries to carry out the most intricate identification, separation, and purification of different components of the mixture for extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis. Nilsan works in collaboration with Novasep France, the world leader in chromatography technology, to create the best chromatography systems for the unique separation, identification, and purification needs of the Indian process industries. To know more about our best chromatography systems, click here.

With such vast experiences and through our collaboration with world leaders, we provide the best chromatography systems that can be used as large-scale chromatography units for continuous and batch operations. Our chromatography process development products are specially designed to meet the process and separation requirements of the industry while complying with the strict standard quality requirements.

Our chromatography systems find wide applications in process development and bench-scale as well as industrial-scale purification. Whether you require an analytical chromatography instrument, a chromatography system that is preparative, or even a process scale chromatography system, Nilsan provides the most advanced chromatography systems and components for almost any kind of application. We also offer custom and pre-configured chromatography systems, empty and prepacked chromatography columns of various dimensions, to fit the unique scaling needs of the industry. Reach out to us now to get the best quote.

Our wide product range includes:

  •  HPLC Chromatography system
  •  MPLC & LPLC chromatography system
  • SFC chromatography system
  • SMCC chromatography system
  • SMB chromatography system
  • Inline Buffer Dilution Systems
  • Ion Exchange Chromatography

Product Range

Reaching operational excellence through continuous improvement.

Developmental Services, Project Management, Commissioning, Support, AMC.

Nilsan provides top-quality developmental services, along with efficient project management and commissioning. We are reputed for offering the best after installation support and the most comprehensive annual maintenance contract. Connect with us now to get the best chromatography systems.

We aim to achieve operational excellence through continuous research and development and improving our chromatography process manufacturing systems. This helps us to provide consistent top-quality products and components for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and dairy industries.

Nilsan offers a phenomenal variety of chromatography process development product solutions for the diverse biomolecule purification processes used in industrial-scale chromatography systems. Our team of experienced engineers and scientists work with the client, guide them and assist them in optimizing the purification process to meet the unique needs of the client.

Why wait then? Contact Nilsan Nishotech today to get the best chromatography system for your industry.

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