Pretreatment System

Pretreatment is necessary to:

  • Remove particles that could damage the membranes
  • Reduce the possibility of scale precipitation
  • Eliminate free chlorine

NNSPL is able to furnish the pre-treatment suitable for every requirement. For sizing of plant, it is necessary to obtain and analyze the complete raw water analysis.

We can Supply: Potabilization plant; Oxidation processes for the elimination of heavy metals, Sand and multimedia filters, Activated carbon filters, simple or steam sterilizable;

Zeolyte filters: organic scavengers; 
softeners; chemical dosing system; microfiltration systems; UV lamp.

Particular care is given to the design of pretreatment systems, in order to grant the lowest risk of bacteriological uncontrolled growth.


  • Flexible outputs from 500 Lph to 50,000 Lph
  • Low footprint with optimal accessibility
  • Treatment of any type of microbial contamination like psedomonas, pathogen, e-coli etc.
  • Treatment of any heavy metals like fe, mn, pb, zn, as, f etc.
  • Treatment of any source of water like ground/surface/sea/natural resources/municipal corporation treated water etc.
  • Treatment of any type of toc (suspended, volatile, dissolved), cod, bod etc. from the raw water
  • Customized treatment options based on clients / consultant’s requirement
  • Variants in type of automation like manual / fully automated / semi auto
  • Economical system design & equipment selection
  • Design consideration based on gmp, cgmp, ispe etc. guidelines
  • Minimizes waste generation, reuse & recycle