PFW Generation Systems

After so many years of experience, market research, client’s requirements and constant technical development Nilsan Nishotech Systems Pvt. LTD. (NNSPL) has made economical, safe and best reliable water purification process plants. The same treatment systems are widely used for Production of Purified water & ultra-pure water for Electronics / pharmaceutical / Cosmetic / Food and Beverage industries / other industries. NNSPL’S standards plants can cover a range of productions from

500LPH to 50m3/hr. Larger and smaller systems can be customized based on request. NNSPL’s water generation plants are in full compliance with all respective standards like USP, ASTM, EP, JP, IP, BP, WHO etc.

Design Guidelines

‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP)

  • FDA Code of Federal Regulations
  • 21CFR210 & 21CFR211
  • ‘The Rules Governing Medicinal Products in the European Union’ Volume 4 ISPE ‘Baseline® Guide’
  • Volume 4 – Water and Steam Systems
  • Volume 5 – Commissioning & Qualification
  • Volume 8 – Maintenance

US regulation 21CFR11 Electronic records and electronic signatures ‘GAMP 4’ – a guideline for the validation of automated systems
ISO 9001 – Quality Management System approval