Detailed Engineering

Basic engineering

We can always give the essential innovation when creating process solutions for whole process systems or particular manufacturing units and components since we understand new technologies and production processes, and our seasoned personnel has strong credentials.

As a result of our close collaboration with our customers during the fundamental or conceptual project design phase, we are able to:

  1. Select and suggest the appropriate technology,
  2. Check and confirm the feasibility,
  3. Workout and improve the cost assessment (CAPEX),
  4. Identify potential risks and try to minimize the effects.

Detail engineering

At this stage, we provide the foundation for a successful project execution by specifying the specific functionality of process systems and their linkages.

The piping and instrumentation diagram (P & ID diagram) for the process serves as our starting point for preparing:

  1. Detailed specifications of technological equipment,
  2. A cost assessment (OPEX),
  3. A development of functional specifications
  4. Safety and operational features.

Implementation engineering

A dedicated team of professionals concentrates on each project and guarantees that it is completed in a timely and high-quality manner.

With a high degree of commitment, we are able to minimize:

  1. Potential process risks and find a way to make any complex solution appropriate and in line with the user’s requirements,
  2. CGMP risks (current Good Manufacturing Practice),
  3. GEP risks (Good Engineering Practice),
  4. HSE risks (Health, Safety and Environment)
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We transform ordinary tap water into clean

of lead and asbestos
of chlorine, chloramines
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