Purified Water System in Pharmaceutical Industry

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is the third largest global API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) merchant market. Indian drugs are exported to more than 200 countries in the world. With PHARMA VISION 2020, the government aims at making India one of the leading countries for drug discovery.

At Nilsan Nishotech, we are well-equipped to provide the pharmaceutical industry with world-class technology and solutions to achieve its growth vision. We have extensive experience in undertaking complete turnkey projects and have in-depth understanding of the unique requirements of Indian pharmaceuticals industry. We leverage our experience in providing a comprehensive range of superior technologies consisting of water systems, membrane systems and chromatography solutions.


High purity water systems

Water is of key importance in the various industries like Pharmaceutical, BioPharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, Dairy, FMCG and Food & Beverages as it is used as a raw material in a number of life-saving drugs. Most processes require water that meets legal standards as defined by the pharmacopoeias. We specialize in delivering the required quality & flow rate of pharmaceutical water as per the URS according to standards like USFDA, UKMHRA, and TGA. As market leaders, we leverage our experience in providing a comprehensive range of superior technologies for producing all grades of water as per our customer’s requirement. We undertake projects related to purified water systems, water for injection, pure steam distribution.

  • NeroSOFT

    Product Description

    Our pre-filtered soft water generation system, NeroSoft, is designed to address the unique challenges faced by businesses in need of softened water for their processes.

  • NeroF

    Product Description

    Discover the epitome of water generation systems with Nilsan Nishotech's advanced pre-filtered water polishing mechanism, NeroF.

  • NeroSIS [C/H Series]

    Product Description

    In a world where access to clean and safe water is paramount, Nilsan Nishotech takes pride in revolutionizing water systems with our advanced mechanism, NeroSIS, for the generation of potable water.

  • NeroION [M/R Series]

    Product Description

    At Nilsan Nishotech, we provide you with water generation systems that are highly advanced and tailored according to the industry requirements.

  • NeroF+

    Product Description

    Designed with precision and excellent engineering, NeroF+ stands as a pinnacle in the production of highly purified and ultra-pure water for a myriad of critical applications.

  • NeroLOOP [T/O Series]

    Product Description

    Storage & distribution system for clean utilities.

API Purification

Removal of impurities is a critical step in producing high quality pharmaceuticals and its intermediates. Traditional methods of purification involved time consuming processes like aqueous washes and liquid extraction for removal of impurities. At Nilsan, we promise you highly pure APIs and HPAPIs in shorter time and lesser operating cost with our High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) systems. We work in collaboration with Novasep, a world leader in chromatography technology, to offer HPLC systems specifically designed according to separation and process requirement of the client.

Peptide purification

Peptides are widely used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry hence its purification plays a crucial role in its final quality. At Nilsan, we have a proven record for providing innovative solutions for purifying peptides. Our sophisticated chromatography technology helps achieve high purification quality even for peptides varying widely in their source and complexity.


This process is done with an aim to remove the salts from the product. In desalting applications, the emphasis lies in the molecule size & also on the ion balance. Nilsan offers best-in-class membrane processes, which provide a clean and green solution with low operating cost to meet client requirements.

Product concentration by solvent removal

Removal of solvents to concentrate the product can be a challenge in the pharmaceutical industry. Nilsan is a leader in providing easy-to-use and advanced membrane processes to effectively separate solvent from the product.

Pyrogen removal

Pyrogen removal from a finished product is a major challenge for biotech companies. Our Ultrafiltration systems have been designed to effectively meet this requirement and ensure that the end-product is pyrogen free. Our Ultrafiltration membranes are designed with a robust life expectancy and are also available as a custom solution engineered to specifications.