Membrane Systems

Membrane System Specialist in Ahmedabad, India

Membrane system technology has become the most sought-after separation technology for the process manufacturing industry since the past decade.

Nilsan Nishotech is proud to offer innovative and cutting-edge membrane systems to meet the varying filtration needs of the process industries. We carry extensive experience in creating membranes systems for a wide spectrum of projects across all sizes. Nilsan Nishotech holds the reputation of being membrane system specialists in India across different process industry requirements. Connect with us now to get the best membrane systems.

The driving force in the emergence and prominence of membrane system India is its effective filtration without the use of chemicals. Moreover, our impeccable membrane system uses very low energy, is easy to use, and very well arranged into process conductions.

We provide a wide variety of membrane systems as per the process requirement of different industries:

  • Membrane system based on different membrane construction material: Ceramic or Organic

  • Membrane system based on different types of modules: Tubular, Spiral wound, or Cassettes

  • Membrane system based on different MWCO or Molecular Weight Cut off: Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration Reverse Osmosis

  • Membrane system based on solvent-resistant membranes or Special Acid resistant membranes

  • Membrane system based on Lab Scale to Pilot Scale to Industrial Scale systems

  • Feasibility trials, process development to scale up the support of membrane systems

Annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) of membrane systems


Product Range

Clean and Green Solutions to your Needs.

Technology Support with our In-House State of the Art Laboratory Facility.

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Our membrane system technology encompasses the different characteristic separation processes employed by various industries.

Most industries use our membrane technology to create process water – a key ingredient in most of their products, from surface water, groundwater, or wastewater.


Nilsan Nishotech is at the forefront of the research and development of innovative and conventional membranes for the advanced membrane requirements of the process industries. We have developed the most advanced membranes by using modern conventional techniques, which have allowed us to become more competitive in the membrane system technology market. Connect with us now to get the best membrane systems.


Our extensive product range includes a wide range of membrane filtration systems such as Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis, etc. With such advanced and innovative membrane filtration systems we are well equipped to suffice every transforming filtration need of the process manufacturing industry.


Why wait then? Get the best membrane systems from Nilsan Nishotech, the most advanced membrane system specialists in India.


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