Fabrication & Welding


Fabrication facility at NNSPL handle multiple, fast-track projects for pharma, biopharma, nutraceutical, dairy, industrial biotechnology, etc. sectors. We fabricate frames, skids, piping, etc. We also perform nondestructive examination and testing.

Our enterprise is counted among the leading firms rendering very high quality of SS316L fabrication. All our services are rendered by a team of sincere professionals and skilled workers, following a planned methodology. Our services are executed making use of latest machines and technology as per the international quality norms and guidelines.

From start to commissioning we know we have you covered. Typical shop construction and fabrication capabilities can involve an ever changing array of shapes, thicknesses, sizes, material grades, and project specifications.


Welding is used in almost every industry to create parts, structural components, and equipment. Pharma, biopharma, etc., industries frequently turn to welding professionals to construct everything from piping to skids.

Welding is a commonly used technique in metal fabrication to create products such as pipe fittings, skid frames, heat exchangers and more. Professionals use welding throughout commercial fabrication, industrial fabrication, and structural fabrication processes.

Welding processes at NNSPL is done using argon gas (99.99 % purity) by qualified experienced and certified welders. We are sure that we can provide the quality that your company mandates and requires. 

We have state of the art equipment and continuous improvement methods active in all of our shop facilities. Using these methods, we can provide custom fabrication & installation of water treatment systems, membrane filtration and chromatography purification systems.

Types of Welding

MIG Welding
MIG welding uses a rod feed and a torch, which generates the heat and arc, to join pieces. This welding method is extremely versatile and works well with all grades of stainless steel

Orbital Welding
Orbital welding techniques use a rotating arc that encircles a stationary set of pieces. This method creates a more consistent weld in different circumstances, such as around a fixed pipe, and is well regarded for creating repeatable results. Customers also gain the advantage of working with a certified welding inspector. NNSPL has certified professionals so you can trust the integrity of every job.

For the orbital welding project requirements, NNSPL has the capabilities to meet the exact specifications and provide the quality.

On Site Capabilities, Value Added Field Services
As you will see we are your sole source shop for all your industrial construction needs, design through installation. We dont just build it; our field division can install, repair and maintain it also. Installation expertise includes project management, equipment maintenance, mechanical, erection, equipment setting, equipment relocation, processing production line installation, storage vessel making, repair & maintenance, repiping & repair, parts replacement.

If you can think it and need it, we more than likely can build it. Always remember NNSPL can supply component parts, assemblies & complete contract manufacturing services for a wide range of markets & applications. We are your industrial fabricator and service provider.

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