Water System in Food & Beverages Industry

Functional ingredients are use in foods to provide the benefits in addition to the nutrients of the food. There is rise in use of functional ingredients in the food and beverage industry. Probiotic fortified yogurt, omega-3 fortified health drinks are increasing in consumption in urban areas.

To satisfy growing demand of producing high quality functional ingredients which meet food regulation standards Nilsan Nishotech provides various solutions from concept to commercial viable project for Syrup decolourization using ion exchange based systems, membrane based systems for Brine recovery, Glucose/Fructose plant and other solutions


Fruit Juice Processing

For the juices, Nilsan offers an entire range of membrane systems. Microfiltration can be utilized for the removal of microorganisms and clarification towards removal of haziness. Ultra & Nanofiltration are widely used in the production of high quality juices by removal of starch, pectin, proteins, and polyphenolic compounds.


Wine with low alcohol content is in demand . Traditional way affects the flavour.  Nilsan offers a less tedious way to making  de-alcohol wine using  nanofiltration membrane system, which can be linearly scaled up.