Flow Plates

Product Description

Nilsan’s custom-designed flow transfer panels can be integrated to allow separation of process flows in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our panels are durable and can effectively transfer process fluids through multiple process lines within a piping system. A transfer panel jumper, or u-bend, provides a clean break between different process fluid transfers without cross-contamination. Discover best-in-class process flow separation with Nilsan flow plates.

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Key Features

  • Designed to provide physical break in different processes
  • Can be communicated to the panel via proximity switches mounted on the flow plate
  • Include drain pans to collect fluids while making swings between the ports.


  • Customized designs to suit your various combinations ensuring optimum number of jumpers, minimum space requirement, ease of operation and safety
  • Effectively transfer process fluids without cross contamination.


  • Pharma
  • Biopharma
  • Personal Care
  • Food & Beverages