Product Description

Discover the epitome of water generation systems with Nilsan Nishotech’s advanced pre-filtered water polishing mechanism, NeroF. 

The advanced polishing technology employed by our water system employs a multi-step approach, utilizing state-of-the-art filters and polishing agents to achieve water of exceptional clarity. The process begins with our highly efficient pre-filtration stage, which removes high colloidal impurities and contaminants, setting the stage for the polishing process. NeroF is designed for longevity, reducing maintenance requirements, and ensuring automation solutions that take the load off of manual work. We provide high-quality and customized solutions at affordable prices, serving just what our customers need.

NeroF combines innovation, efficiency, and sustainability to provide a source of water purity that meets the demands of today’s industries.

Contact us to explore how our advanced water generation system can elevate the quality of your water supply.

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Key Features

  • Low footprint with optimal accessibility.
  • 3-4 log reduction of microbial contamination.
  • High colloidal impurity reduction.
  • Ensures feed-limiting conditions in terms of suspended & colloidal impurities.
  • Use of membrane technologies with all options, Like Dead End, Cross Flow, In to Out, Out to In.
  • Customized treatment options based on Clients’ / Consultants’ requirements.
  • Fully automated system.
  • Economical system design equipment selection.
  • Design consideration based on GMP, cGMP, ISPE, etc. guidelines.
  • Minimizes Waste Generation, Reuse & Recycle.




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