NeroION [M/R Series]

Product Description

Generation of purified water

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Key Features

  • Low footprint with optimal accessibility.
  • Flexible installation options like Membrane based & Resin based system.
  • Constructed from 316/L stainless steel, internal surface finish upto 0.38 Ra.
  • CGMP, GAMP and 21 CFR Complaint system design based on ASME, ASTM, BPE, ISPE, WHO, ENVISA, MHRA, guideline.
  • Permanent Flushing.
  • Automatic hot water sanitization, shut down & recirculation mode, maintenance & night mode.
  • Flexible system integration with other technologies.
  • Designed for robust and safe operation.
  • Validation to regulatory and client standards or as per GMP, cGMP, ISPE, USP, EP, JP, IP etc. guidelines.
  • Minimizes waste generation, reuse and recycle.
  • Capability to handle high temperature ramp Up / Down.

Feed Water Specifications
Feed Water Conductivity Equivalent,
including CO2 and Silica
< 40 µS/cm
Temperature 41 —113°F (5-45°C)
Inlet Pressure 20 — 100 psi (1.4 — 7 bar)
Maximum Free Chlorine (as CL2) <00.02 ppm
Iron (Fe) <0.01 ppm
Manganese (Mn) <00.01 ppm
Sulfide (S-) <00.01 ppm
pH 4 – 11
Total Hardness (as CaCO3) <01.0 ppm/td>
Dissolved Organics (TOC as C) <00.5 ppm
Silica (SiO2) <01.0 ppm


Technical Fitures Benefits
Green & Energy efficient technology Lower operating cost
Costumized Systems System most suited for your application
Skid mounted design Lower foot print, saving of production srea
Build CIP System Easy & Fast cleaning
Wide choice of membrane MOC & Geometries Selection of best membrane for your application
Complete Turnkey Projects management with process guarantee One stop solution for all your needs