NeroION [M/R Series]

Product Description

At Nilsan Nishotech, we provide you with water generation systems that are highly advanced and tailored according to the industry requirements. NeroION is one of our best innovations that effectively removes remaining ions, ensuring that the purified water meets the stringent quality requirements of various industries.

Recognizing that different industries have unique water quality specifications, our mechanism is customizable to meet a broad range of requirements. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, foods and beverages, nutraceuticals, or FMCG, we tailor our water systems to suit the specific needs of each client, providing a reliable source of purified water.

NeroION also provides automation solutions for hot water sanitization, maintenance, and shutdown & recirculation modes. It is intricately designed to withstand the test of time, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs, and delivering a consistent supply of purified water to support your critical processes.

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Key Features


  • Low footprint with optimal accessibility.
  • Flexible installation options like membrane-based and resin-based systems.
  • Constructed from 316/L stainless steel, internal surface finish up to 0.38 Ra.
  • CGMP, GAMP, and 21 CFR Complaint system design based on ASME, ASTM, BPE, ISPE, WHO, ENVISA, and MHRA, guidelines.
  • Permanent Flushing.
  • Automatic hot water sanitization, shut down & recirculation mode, maintenance & night mode.
  • Flexible system integration with other technologies.
  • Designed for robust and safe operation.
  • Validation to regulatory and client standards or as per GMP, cGMP, ISPE, USP, EP, JP, IP, etc. guidelines.
  • Minimizes waste generation, reuse, and recycling.
  • Capability to handle high-temperature ramp Up / Down.


Feed Water Specifications
Feed Water Conductivity Equivalent,
including CO2 and Silica
< 40 µS/cm
Temperature 41 —113°F (5-45°C)
Inlet Pressure 20 — 100 psi (1.4 — 7 bar)
Maximum Free Chlorine (as CL2) <00.02 ppm
Iron (Fe) <0.01 ppm
Manganese (Mn) <00.01 ppm
Sulfide (S-) <00.01 ppm
pH 4 – 11
Total Hardness (as CaCO3) <01.0 ppm/td>
Dissolved Organics (TOC as C) <00.5 ppm
Silica (SiO2) <01.0 ppm


Technical Fitures Benefits
Green & Energy efficient technology Lower operating cost
Costumized Systems System most suited for your application
Skid mounted design Lower foot print, saving of production srea
Build CIP System Easy & Fast cleaning
Wide choice of membrane MOC & Geometries Selection of best membrane for your application
Complete Turnkey Projects management with process guarantee One stop solution for all your needs




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