Product Description

Generation of pre filtered soft water for process & other utility application

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Key Features

  • Remove particles that could damage the membranes.
  • Reduce the possibility of scale precipitation.
  • Eliminate oxidizing agent.
  • Low footprint with optimal accessibility.
  • Treatment of any type of microbial contamination like pseudomonas, pathogen, e-coli etc.
  • Treatment of any heavy metals like Fe, Mn, Pb, Zn, As, F etc.
  • Treatment of any source of water like ground / surface / sea / natural resources / municipal corporation treated water etc.
  • Treatment of any type of TOC (suspended, volatile, dissolved), COD, BOD etc. from the raw water.
  • Customized treatment options based on clients / consultant’s requirement.
  • Variants in type of automation like manual / fully automated / semi auto.
  • Economical system design & equipment selection.
  • Design consideration based on GMP, CGMP, ISPE etc. guidelines.
  • Minimizes waste generation, reuse & recycle.
  • Customized skid:- On site Ozone generator, Chlorine dioxide generator…etc.