Static columns for Liquid Chromatography (Medium & Low Pressure)

Product Description

Sanitech Engineers has positioned itself as a distinguished provider of static preparative chromatography stainless steel (SS) columns, offering a superior alternative to disposable flash columns. Backed by our manufacturing facility and a team of qualified engineers, we are dedicated to innovation and continuously strive to deliver value-added products to our customers.

Our static preparative chromatography columns are crafted from stainless steel, boast ease of handling, and are designed to be re-packed. This unique feature allows for the efficient processing of multiple products using suitable resins and stationary phases. The flexibility of re-packing and the durability of stainless steel make these columns a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for chromatographic processes.

With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, our static preparative chromatography SS columns provide advanced and practical solutions for separation and purification processes.

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  • Single cylindrical column
  • Max pressure 20 bar
  • MOC 316L of shell, frit, and distributor
  • Automatic cleaning method




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