Caustic Recovery System

Product Description

Many industries specially food and dairy use caustic as cleaning chemical. The waste generated adds on to ETP process and thus need to find some way to reduce this load. Caustic recovery is one way out provided the spent caustic stream generated after cleaning is separately processed. The caustic can be recovered thus reducing the load on ETP and thus can be reused for cleaning activities. Nilsan has developed a membrane based green system where in the monetory requirement is less with a versatility of scale up and customized systems with minimal maintenance cost.

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  • Energy-efficient process
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Versatile systems – can be used for multiple products
  • Inbuilt CIP/SIP capabilities
  • Sanitary System design system
  • No effluent discharge
  • Skid-mounted compact systems & less footprint.
  • Attractive CapEx and OpEx over conventional separation/purification methods
  • Wide range of membranes – In MF, UF, NF, RO – in different MOC, and in different module designs to meet specific processes.