Tangential Flow Filtration System (TFF)

Product Description

Sanitech Engineers has established itself as a key player in catering to the Biopharma industry, offering customized solutions designed for the efficient handling of high-value products such as proteins, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), and more. The company’s dedicated team has applied specialized engineering to develop and tailor systems that precisely meet the specific demands of the Biopharma sector, adhering to industry standards.

One of our notable offerings is the TFF system (Tangential Flow Filtration), a membrane-based system extensively employed in Biopharma processes. This technology is strategically positioned before chromatographic steps, serving to desalt and conduct buffer exchange (diafiltration) on the sample. This preparatory step ensures that the sample is optimized for subsequent unit operations, maintaining the integrity and quality of the high-value biopharmaceutical products.

Our commitment to customization, engineering excellence, and adherence to industry standards underscores its pivotal role in providing customized solutions that contribute to the efficiency and success of Biopharma processes.

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  • Fixed or movable skid mount compact design
  • Flame-proof and non-flame-proof options availability
  • Inbuilt CIP & SIP capability
  • Low hold-up volume
  • All contact parts SS316L/316, EPDM, PTFE, Silicon
  • Provision of Automation
  • Customizable holder as per the cassette  selected




  • Fermentation cell culture and cell lysate clarification
  • Cell debris removal
  • Simultaneous diafiltration/desalting
  • Protein purification
  • Desired product concentration
  • Sample fractionation




1. What are Membrane Systems?