CIP Systems

Product Description

Nilsan stands as a premier provider of high-quality Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems, tailored to fulfill the distinctive cleaning requirements of the personal and home care, food and beverage, and dairy industries. Recognizing the paramount importance of stringent hygiene standards in these sectors, we acknowledge that any lapse in plant cleanliness can lead to product degradation and contamination during production. Our CIP systems are meticulously crafted adding customized solutions to meet these specific needs, ensuring reliable and consistent cleaning processes.

As the name suggests, our Clean-In-Place systems excel in thoroughly cleaning the interior surfaces of plant equipment and pipeline circuits without necessitating equipment dismantling. This streamlined approach minimizes downtime, bolsters operational efficiency, and significantly mitigates the risk of contamination. Our commitment to providing high-quality CIP systems aligns with the industries’ need for dependable and consistent cleaning solutions, safeguarding product integrity and meeting rigorous hygiene standards. 

Choose Nilsan Nishotech for cutting-edge CIP systems that contribute to uncompromised cleanliness and quality assurance in your operations, ensuring that hygiene is maintained throughout the production process.

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We Manufacture CIP water System for Pharma, Food & Dairty Industry

Key Features

  • Reproducible, repeatable, can be validated and controlled operation
  • Simple and minimum manual intervention operation
  • Batch traceability and parameters recording



  • Reduced cleaning cycle times
  • Improved cleaning
  • Uniformity in cleaning
  • Optimization of the use of chemicals (acid, caustic, etc.) and water



  • Personal & Home Care which include Creams, Lotions, Shampoos, Toothpaste, etc.
  • Food & Beverages which include jams, kinds of ketchup, sauces, soft drinks, etc.
  • Dairy Industry




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