Ion Exchange System

Product Description

Sanitech Engineers stands out as a prominent player in the industry, renowned for delivering sophisticated ion exchange systems that effectively address purification challenges across diverse sectors, including food, fermentation, and bio-based chemicals. Through a strategic collaboration with Novasep, we introduce, Applexion® ion exchange technologies tailored for large-scale bio-industrial applications.

Novasep, globally acknowledged as a leader in the field, brings expertise to the table. Their proficiency lies in the meticulous design of ion exchange systems and adsorption systems, coupled with a knack for selecting the most suitable resin to achieve optimal performance. This collaboration showcases a commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that leverage the strengths of both Nilsan and Novasep, reinforcing their positions as industry leaders in delivering advanced ion exchange systems for the purification needs of the food, fermentation, and bio-based chemical sectors.

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  • Demineralization and softening
  • Salt conversion
  • De-colorization
  • De-acidification
  • Hydrolysis and enzymatic conversion
  • Recovery of antibiotics, plant extracts, or proteins


Applexion® continuous ion exchange systems

Applexion® continuous ion exchange process offers the industry a truly continuous ion exchange system. Depending on the process, the number of cells can be adapted to optimize resin utilization and minimize system size while balancing overall capital investment and operating costs.