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Product Description

Nilsan specializes in crafting stainless steel mixing tanks tailored for the pharmaceutical and biotech, food and beverages, and FMCG industries. Recognizing the impact of even minute contaminants on product quality in these sectors, our vessels are meticulously designed for full drainability and easy washout capability, ensuring stringent hygiene standards are met. Adhering to the principles of the ASME BPE standards, our tanks and vessels embody a commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing.

Our dedication to quality is evident in our rigorous factory acceptance testing, which includes comprehensive assessments such as material identification, Ra testing, Riboflavin testing, Spray ball testing, and Hydro testing. These tests ensure that our stainless steel tanks meet the highest standards for structural integrity, surface finish, and cleanliness.

At Nilsan, we prioritize collaboration with our clients, working closely to create customized solutions aligned with their unique specifications and performance requirements. By combining industry expertise with customized solutions and keeping the client in focus, we deliver products that not only meet but exceed the stringent demands of the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverages, and FMCG industries. Trust Nilsan for cutting-edge designs and manufacturing excellence in stainless steel tanks, contributing to the uncompromised quality of your processes and products.

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Key Features


  • All tanks and vessels are built in a dedicated hygienic area
  • Heat transfer solutions for heating or cooling can be achieved by using dimpled, limpet, half-jacketed, fully jacketed, or electrical heat tracing with insulation when required
  • Tanks and vessels are designed to the principles of the ASME BPE standards.
  • Equipped to meet your requirements for ‘U’ stamped vessels
  • Electro polishing (optional) as part of the finishing process
  • Stringent QA procedure requiring material certification for the source of every component and piece of material that goes into a biopharma tank or vessel
  • Full documentation packages for the entire project.




  • Pharma
  • Biopharma
  • Personal Care
  • Food & Beverages
  • FMCG Industries

Our procedure requires material certification for the source of every component and piece of material that goes into a biopharma tank or vessel. We fabricate the principles of ASME BPE for exacting form and fit. We have the capability to conduct a factory acceptance test on each vessel before dispatching. This includes a polish test using Ra mapping for surface roughness, a Riboflavin test using spray coverage of every square millimeter of the interior vessel to confirm complete coverage, and a drainage test to ensure full drainability.

We understand the requirement of extensive documentation in the pharmaceutical and Biotech industries and we take them very seriously by integrating our customized solutions. We include full documentation packages for the entire project including the design along with design calculations, material certification, fabrication steps, all weld procedures, inspection, and the final factory acceptance test.




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