Membrane Systems

For decades, the process industry has been relying on Nilsan for innovative membrane technology to meet their filtration needs. With extensive experience, we have earned the reputation of being membrane system specialists for projects of all sizes.

We offer a wide range of membrane systems :

• Based on different membrane material of construction – Organic or Ceramic
• Based on type of module – Spiral wound, Tubular, or Cassettes
• Based on different Molecular weight cut-off (MWCO)- Micro filtration, Ultra filtration, Nano filtration or Reverse Osmosis
• Special Acid resistant or solvent resistant membranes
• Lab Scale to Pilot Scale to Industrial Scale systems
• Feasibility trials, process development to scale up support
• Annual maintenance contracts (AMCs)

Product Range

Clean and Green Solutions to your Needs.

Technology Support with our In-House State of the Art Laboratory Facility.