DAC Columns for Liquid Chromatography (High Pressure)

Product Description

At Nilsan, we work in collaboration with Novasep to provide best-in-class Preparative HPLC systems specifically designed according to separation and process requirement of client. The broad range of products enables our clients to find the perfect solution for separation. All our systems can be operated under cGMP conditions. They are fully qualified and extensively tested during factory acceptance testing (FAT) and site acceptance testing (SAT). The equipment complies with EC directives (DESP guidance) or conforms to ASME code of construction.

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Pharma & Biopharma

  • Peptide separation & purification
  • Chiral compound/Stereo isomers separation
  • Highly potent API separation/Purification
  • Insulin
  • Hormones
  • Lipids
  • Natural extract isolation

HPLC offerings include

  • Prochrom® DAC Columns
  • Hipersep® Systems
  • Slurry Packing Unit

1. Prochrom® DAC Columns


  • A range of standard columns with internal diameters from 50 mm up to 1.2 m
  • Adjustable column bed length from 350 mm to 450 mm
  • Operation at high pressure – up to 100 bar
  • Thermostated jacket for temperature control
  • Optimum column performance with easy scale-up of your processes
  • Robustness-Novasep Prochrom® High Pressure columns are acclaimed for their durability
  • Prochrom columns installed in the early 1980s are still in use
  • Many features and accessories for fast and easy operation of columns ensure that a single operator can safely use Prochrom® DAC columns up to 1.6 m diameter
  • Column packing by Dynamic Axial Compression Principle
Column Name Column Diameter (mm) Maximum Bed Length (mm) Prochrom Hypersep Systems Typical Flow-Rate (L/H) Max. Operating Pressure (bar)
LC50.500.VE100 50 300 Lab I 06-12 100
LC80.600.VE100 80 350 Lab I 15-30 100
LC100.650.VE100 100 350 Lab II 24-48 100
LC110.650.VE100 110 350 Lab II 30-60 100
LC150.700.VE100 150 400 Lab II / S 55-110 100
LC200.700.VE100 200 400 S/M 100/200 100
LC300.700.VE100 300 400 M/L 225/450 100
LC450.700.VE100 450 400 M/L 400/800 100
LC590.700.VE70 590 400 L / XL 900/1800 70
LC800.700.VE70 800 400 XL 1600/3200 70
LC1000.700.VE70 1000 400 XL 2500/5000 70
LC1200.700.VE70 1200 400 XL 3600/7200 70

Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC)

Provides the optimum packed bed density and stability, thereby ensuring optimum separation efficiency and consistent performance for an extended period of time. The column includes a movable piston attached to a hydraulic jack. The piston is used to pack and unpack the column, and keep the stationary phase under dynamic compression, ensuring the highest efficiency and bed stability at any scale. Together with Novasep’s unique flow distribution system, and DAC technology enables us to guarantee the same performance (plates/meter, asymmetry) from 50 mm ID to 1.6 m ID.

For applications requiring the use of soft and/or fragile packing materials, the concept of smart piston has been developed and patented, preventing the crushing of particles or gels. The piston is automatically adjusted with the swelling or shrinkage of the stationary phase to maintain a constant compression over time.


  • Best-in-Class separation with highest HETP
  • Smart piston to maintain constant pressure
  • Optimized packing technology with advanced flow distributors ensure highest efficiency
  • Guaranteed scale up and Performance

2. Hipersep® Systems

Fully automated Hipersep HPLC systems are designed for process development, pilot-scale and production-scale chromatographic separations.


  • Robust and efficient system design allowing 24/7 continuous operation
  • PAT (Process Analytical Technology guidelines of the FDA) compliance with high performance in-line dilution and gradient systems as well as smart fraction collection control
  • High productivity and yield resulting from high accuracy and stability of operating parameters (flow rate, eluent composition, temperature, etc.) as well as excellent process reproducibility
  • Easy and fast maintenance
  • Validated and user-friendly software for easy start-up, training and on-site qualifications
  • ATEX, GAMP V, 21CFR Part 11, Material certificates for 3.1 & 2.1 CODAP/ASME Compliance
  • More than 2500 industrial scale units in operation globally (> 150 installations in India)
  • Scalability is ensured using the same design from lab to large industrial units
  • Hipersep® systems offer maximum performance with Prochrom® DAC columns
Prochrom® Hipersep Systems Lab I Lab II S M L XL
Flow-Rate Range (L/h) 06-40 20-90 090-200 150-500 300-1000 500-2500
Adapted Column Diameter (mm) 50-80 100-150 150-200 200-450 300-590 590-1600
Max. Operating Pressure (bar) 100 70
110 350 Lab II 30-60 100 100
Injection – Detection – Collection
Low or high pressure Injection
UV detector (other detector as an option) Automated fraction collection (5 or 10 valves) Column backflush and recycling valves as an option
Implementation Gen. purpose lab Hazardous area rated
(ATEX Zone II – Class 1 Division 2)

3. Slurry Packing Unit

  • Our convenient packing unit safely and reproducibly mix stationary phase with an appropriate solvent and then transfer the resulting slurry by gravity or with a pump into the column
  • The units are equipped with cleaning in place devices
  • Different units and volumes are available, depending on the client’s column size.