Lab Scale System

Product Description

Samitech Engineers leverages its extensive experience in separation and purification to introduce a lab-scale membrane-based product. This offering serves as a versatile tool for exploring the feasibility of membrane-based processes and evaluating their suitability for diverse separation and purification objectives. Developed by qualified engineers, the system is meticulously designed with a scale-down approach, ensuring the integration of organic and inorganic membranes within a compact footprint.

With this lab-scale system, customers can conduct comprehensive studies to assess process performance and gather crucial data for optimization. The insights gained from these experiments facilitate the transition of processes from lab-scale to production level. Our commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions is evident in the thoughtful design and functionality of this lab-scale membrane system, empowering industries to advance their separation and purification processes with confidence and efficiency.

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  • Fixed or movable skid mount compact design
  • Less footprint to be placed in a lab
  • Accommodate any membrane module – spiral, cassette, tubular & hollow fiber
  • Inbuilt CIP capability
  • Working volume – 1-5 L and expandable up to 20 L
  • Low hold-up volume
  • All wetted parts SS316L
  • Pump – Centrifugal pump 0-4 bar, Diaphragm pump – 0-25 bar




  • Biomass removal from fermentation broth
  • Desired product clarification, separation, purification, and concentration
  • Desired product desalting, etc.




1. What are Membrane Systems?