Microfiltration Ceramic

Product Description

Sanitech is a distinguished supplier of Microfiltration membrane systems, specializing in meeting the unique demands of the Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food, and Beverage sectors. Our cutting-edge microfiltration membrane systems employ porous films/materials, featuring pores ranging from 0.1 to 0.6 microns.

Renowned for effectiveness, our membrane system technology excels in separating materials of colloidal size and larger than true solutions. The approach incorporates a sieving mechanism, utilizing distinct pore sizes to selectively retain particles larger than the respective pore diameter.

This innovative technology ensures precise filtration, meeting the high standards required by industries. Sanitech’s commitment to delivering reliable and efficient microfiltration solutions has positioned us as a leader in the field, providing industries with the means to achieve superior separation and filtration processes. Trust Sanitech for efficient solutions tailored to upgrade the performance of Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food, and Beverage operations.

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  • Customized microfiltration membrane systems are available to guarantee optimal performance for your application
  • Available in both organic and ceramic materials for construction
  • Annual Maintenance Contract to ensure optimal and smooth performance




  • Clarification of fruit juices
  • Fermentation (Concentration of biomass)
  • Removal of fat in milk 




1.  What are Membrane Systems?