Microfiltration Ceramic

Product Description

Sanitech is a leading supplier of Microfiltration membrane systems to meet the unique requirements of the Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food and Beverage industries. A filtration technique using porous films / materials with pores in the region of 0.1 to 0.6 microns, microfiltration membrane systems are highly effective in separating material of colloidal size and larger than true solutions. MF membrane systems also use sieving mechanism with distinct pore sizes for retaining larger size particles than the pore diameter.

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  • Customized microfiltration systems available to guarantee optimal performance for your application
  • Available in both organic and ceramic material of construction
  • Annual Maintenance Contract to ensure optimal and smooth performance


  • Clarification of fruit juices
  • Fermentation (Concentration of biomass)
  • Removal of fat in milk