Ultrafiltration Spiral

Product Description

At Sanitech Engineers ultrafiltration systems are meticulously designed to meet your needs with unwavering reliability. These systems offer a robust solution, ensuring the effective removal of proteins, biomolecules, polymers, and colloidal particles. Operating within a molecular weight range of 10,000-500,000 daltons, our ultrafiltration membrane systems demonstrate exceptional capability, facilitating precise separation processes.

What distinguishes our ultrafiltration systems is the accurately incorporated user-friendly design. The emphasis on ease of operation ensures a seamless experience for operators. Additionally, the longevity of Sanitech’s ultrafiltration systems contributes to their overall reliability, providing consistent and enduring performance over time.

Whether your goal is to remove specific species or achieve accurate molecular weight separations, our ultrafiltration systems stand as a dependable choice. Embrace Sanitech’s dedication to excellence, where our ultrafiltration systems not only meet but exceed your filtration expectations, ensuring efficiency and durability in every application.

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  • Customized membrane systems engineered to specifications
  • Quick delivery and installation
  • Available in both organic and ceramic materials for construction




  • Bioprocessing: Separation and concentration of biologically active components
  • Depyrogenation
  • Milk/whey protein concentration
  • Ultrafiltration of milk




1. What are Membrane Systems?