DAC Columns for Liquid Chromatography (Medium & Low Pressure)

Product Description

Nilsan has earned the reputation of providing advanced medium and low pressure liquid chromatography systems. In collaboration with Novasep, we provide Prochrom®-Bio low pressure chromatography columns and systems, which offer highly reliable and robust solutions, designed for industrial processes and heavy duty operations.

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  • Pre-purification and intermediate purification of insulin
  • Vaccines and viruses
  • Proteins such as monoclonal antibodies and blood/plasma fractions

LPLC offerings include

The range, very complete with lab- to large-scale equipment, includes:

  • Prochrom®-Bio Columns
  • Packing & Unpacking Stations
  • Prochrom® Hipersep-Bio Chromatography Systems

1. Prochrom®-Bio Columns

Prochrom®-Bio columns are the result of Novasep’s experience in developing, supplying and operating cGMP processes using preparative and process-scale high performance and low pressure liquid chromatography columns. Prochrom®-Bio columns’ unique design includes a hydraulically actuated piston and specially designed packing/unpacking valves to provide consistent and optimum performance.


  • Standard column diameters range from 150 to 1,400 mm
  • Material of construction: acrylic or stainless steel
  • 5 bar operating pressure
  • Easy and fast maintenance
  • DESP or ASME code of construction
  • Sanitary design
  • Operator safety: contained packing & unpacking operations, column design, etc
  • Easy and fast packing and unpacking
  • Optimum and reproducible performance
  • Guaranteed scale-up
  • Versatility: excellent and proven performance with a wide variety of resins

2. Packing and Unpacking Systems

Novasep offers 3 models of packing and unpacking stations adapted to the column size. These stations provide:

  • Highest efficiency for any kind of resin thanks to the specially designed packing & unpacking valves and the hydraulically actuated piston
  • Reduced downtime with fast and easy packing and unpacking operations
  • Minimized repacking time of recycled resin which needs only a small amount of buffer for unpacking (2 to 3 CVs)
  • High level of reproducibility due to automated functions
  • Pre-programmed or easily configurable packing & unpacking methods
Column Name Column Diameter (mm) Maximum BedVolume (L) Packing & Unpacking Station Prochrom®  Hipersep-Bio System Flow-Rate  Range (LHP)
LP150.500.VE 5 150 8 PU S Pilot 1- 50
LP200.500.VE 5 200 12 PU S S 1- 150
LP300.500.VE 5 300 32 PU S S 1- 150
LP450.500.VE 5 450 70 PU S / M M 20-500
LP600.500.VE 5 600 125 PU M M 20-500
LP800.350.VE 5 800 150 PU M / L L 50 – 1200
LP1000.350.VE 5 1000 230 PU L L 50 – 1200
LP1200.350.VE 5 1200 330 PU L XL 200 – 3000
LP1400.350.VE 5 1400 450 PU L XL 200 – 3000

3. Prochrom® Hipersep-Bio Chromatography Systems

Novasep’s fully automated Prochrom® Hipersep-Bio LPLC systems are designed for process development, pilot-scale and production-scale downstream processing. Scalability is ensured using the same design from lab to large industrial units. Prochrom® Hipersep-Bio systems suit any biochromatography columns and offer maximum performance with Prochrom®-Bio columns for bed volumes from 1 to 450 L and column diameters from 150 mm to 1,400 mm I.D.


  • Reduced investment with an exceptional turn-down ratio due to the optimal design and choice of components. Very accurate in-line dilution control based on volume or conductivity means reduced tank and space requirements
  • High productivity and yield resulting from high accuracy and stability of operating parameters (velocities, buffer composition, temperature, etc.) as well as excellent process reproducibility.
  • Reliability of instrumentation and “open design” (providing easy access to parts) means reduced maintenance and, thus, reduced operating costs
  • Validated and user-friendly software for easier start-up, training and on-site qualifications (see section below)
Prochrom® Hipersep-Bio Systems
Standard Features Pilot S M L XL
Flow Rate Range(LPH) 1-50 1-150 20-500 50-1200 200-3000
Pressure Rating(bar) 5
Buffer Preparation High Performance, PAT-Compliant in-line dilution
Fraction Collection 5 to 10 Valves, multiple automated fraction collection modes
Detection Air,pressure, pH, conductivity, UV
Control System Siemens WinAC platform-iFix SCADA